Yesterday on the spur of the moment and in the late morning, took a trip to Siena. Earlier had visited the Museo Galileo – one of the best designed and beautifully laid out scientific museums I have encountered. Uncluttered exhibits of scientific instruments from the 16th to 19th century with explanations in both Italian and English. For the mechanically minded male, it is heaven.

Siena was one of the main attractions in Tuscany that my mother was keen to visit in our trip together more than 12 years ago. The square is of course the iconic representation of Siena, if not Tuscany. It’s an ancient medieval walled city and on the day was seething with people! There appeared to be even more leather goods shops here than Florence, if possible. A horse racing festival was building up over the days leading up to Saturday. There was much drunken frivolity presumably by students – costumes, scarves and loud singing.
Pics of the square and the cathedral