Linz to Gmunden

Today was a very satisfying autumnal day! Like a new seasons Granny Smith apple – beautifully proportioned, green skin, moist white flesh with a crunchy zing to the taste and a slightly tart finish on the palate! What provoked that analogy is that all along the country roads that I traverse apple and pear trees form a pungent avenue of ripening fruit.

The cycle path R4, from Linz to Gmunden , I have discovered, is part of the European Camino Trail! I am back on the way of St James. It was but 12 months ago I was on my spanish cycle pilgrimage. Praise the Lord! I suspected this when I began to see the universal blue and yellow nautilus emblem along with the R4 signs.

For most of the day along the R4 I seemed to cycle between fields of ripe corn on one side and sunflowers or cows on the other. By about 1 pm the austrian alps also become more obvious in the distance. Disturbed two deer in the forest. As I was startled by motor vehicles on my cycle path, so the deer were startled by a cyclist in their deer park!

For the cycle tragics, lets get the stats of the day out of the way:

4 hours 40 minutes in the saddle for a distance of 81.71 km, which
averages out at 17.5km/hr. total ascent 600m, total descent 414.

Never, well hardly ever, did I feel under duress and the glorious part was my perception that I was always gently climbing and despite the extra load, and again, hardly ever needed to engage the lowest gears.

A comment on the bike, it is a delight to ride but a Tiagra group set is definitely not Ultegra! They do not take kindly to dropping gears under stress and complain noisily and long, ultimately spitting the dummy and dropping the chain. Has happened once to me, once bitten twice shy. So “anticipation” is my second name.

Gmunden is about 60 Km by main road from Linz. It sits at one end of Lake Traunsee. It has that general look and feel of Victor Harbor as a holiday and naughty weekend retreat for randy South Australians in the 1930s , but on a grander scale. The Landhotel by the edge of the water, has that same nostalgic feel of days gone by. “No vacancies” on weekends routinely.

Here I shall stay for 2 nights surrounded by tall blonde young men in Lederhosen.

On second thoughts I may stay the whole week.


Excellent signage although at some intersections and In the towns, the signage was inconspicuous. I am following R4.



For most if the day along the R4 I seemed to cycle between fields of ripe corn on one side and sunflowers or cows on the other. By about 1 pm the alps also become more obvious in the distance


Just an ornate building! In Lambach.


Another “Schloss” outside Lambach.


Late lunch on the way to Gmunden. The beer is fantastic. A touch of lime! I could almost become addicted to it!


8 km from Gmunden. What a sight it was about 17.30 hours a little crisp but I could have cycled for another 2 hours if that view stayed with me all that time!


View from my room at the Landhotel, Gmunden.

3 thoughts on “Linz to Gmunden

  1. You can use WD40 on most advisers, but will never hear another squeak out of them. Whether thats a good or bad thing is an open question.


  2. The rear cable has probably stretched by now, try taking up tension with the barrel adjuster for smoother change.

    If its dropping the chain off chain ring adjust Hi Lo screws on front derailleur.

    From iPad

    Peter 0417 387 773. H. 08 8333 0029 h.


    • Thanks for the helpful suggestions. As you know I am not an IKEA Person, never have been and never will be. So I popped your suggestions into Google translate and saved the German output to my iPhone. I took bike to local bike shop and showed him your directions. He read them once, then twice, turned phone upside down and then another 180 degrees. He appeared as perplexed as I was by the technicality of the suggestions. He took me and bike into Workshop, opened up an impressive tool box and rummaged around for several seconds. He produced das gumlatt ratchetzen derailleur spokenshifter, but then shook his head, dropped it back into the tool box (thankfuly – as it did appear to be somewhat of a less than delicate Instrument) and rummaged around again and produced das tinshutt of WD 40. He gave the back derailleur a quick squirt and I left a contented man.

      I only wish that you could apply the WD40 trick to financial advice.


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