Vissy Brod

Vissy Brod is yet another quaint Czech village, which like those before, nestles into a bend on the river Moldau and which centuries ago the natives tirelessly toiled to construct a castle and a church, for the rulers and bishops, whilst living in abject poverty themselves.

The main religious buildings at Vissy Brod are all part of a Cistercian Monastery – a part of the Benedict order – not that I am an expert in things catholic. The creed of the Bendicts was “work and pray”….. No comment needed other than to observe that inside the church there were wall to wall confessional boxes. Did I misread their slogan? Perhaps it was “work and play”?

Anyway here follows pictures from the Cistercian monastery at Vissy Brod




This is the Bishop’s summer residence.



The view from the balcony of the Penzion. Very crisp morning! Autumnal in the extreme