Spontaneous concerts !

I recall that arriving in a village and finding, serendipitously there is a concert that night, has provided some extraordinary memorable evenings, and tonight was no exception. Often it happens as I stumble into a cathedral or am drawn to the sound of music and enter the church to find a rehearsal.

It happened on the Camino where at the church in Fromista a young classical guitarist was performing. He worked his way through many of the easily recognized classical guitar pieces to an embarrassingly small but appreciative audience. He was excellent.

In Tiradentes, Brazil, Osley and I were invited by our hotel owner to an organ recital. Held in the cathedral the organ was one of the oldest still in playing condition, manufactured by a famous organ builder – whose name escapes me!

This concert at Litomerice was held in the All Saints church and the programme would quite easily have made the ABC top 10 Baroque compositions. Why do I say this so confidently? It started with the Bach Toccato and Fugue, a Corelli Concerto Grosso, throw in a couple of arias from the Messiah – “Comfort me..” which leads onto of course, “Every Valley shall be exalted and then that sublime aria from Rinaldo – “Lascia ch io piranha” It finished with the duet by Vivaldi “Laudamus”. But wait there was more! 4 encores!

Unheard of …The soprano pelted out Ave Maria, floral bouquets distributed, then both singers did a repeat of the Vivaldi, then the orchestra did an encore, then both singers did Ave Maria as a duet!

Talk about “sending them away happy”!

Incidentally the rather sexy young bass player was a bit of a “bobber”- a tendency to bob the head in various directions in time with the music. A trait my Recorder teacher ferociously and vociferously opposes. I have the physical and mental scars to prove it. What was fascinating about the “Bass Bobber ” was his whole body did it! I initially wondered whether he may some neurological movement disorder but in the end found him quite charming!

Finally, to date it has been perfect autumnal weather.


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