Ilha de Tinhare

Having explored the Pelourinho precinct, Osley suggested that we spend a day and a night on the island of Tinhare. It is one of 26 islands forming the Tinhare Archipelago of the Bay of Salvador. One can reach this island by “fast catamaran” or by a slow boat-transfer to bus-slow boat finally to island. We decided to slow boat there and fast catamaran back. In fact the journey out was slow boat (like a Chinese sampan almost) followed by reckless bus at breakneck speed followed by final slow boat. Journey takes 2 and half hours. It was a sort of foxtrot: slow-quick-slow!

The island is delightful and cars are not allowed! Goods and luggage are transported by an army of dusky young men pushing wheelbarrows. It is a well developed tourist place with several beaches, not what I would have described as ideal for surfing but great rock pools and several places for snorkeling. A small sandy atoll  within swimming distance a few hundred meters from shore but which also one reaches by kayak. For the equivalent of $5 one can hire a kayak, snorkel and personal guide to paddle to atoll and snorkel for an hour!

It is years since I went to Bali but I reckon it was probably the closest analogy that I  can come up with-  Brazilian style! The reader can make up his or her  own mind as to whether this is a good thing or bad!

The trip back was an adventure The fast catamaran turned out to be a nightmare! A huge swell caused the boat to pitch and toss and it took exactly the same time to traverse the 64km to Salvador as the slow boat journey! Added to this was the onset of crippling seasickness in most passengers. I was very macho and other than a mild queasy feeling, coped well! Poor Osley was not so blessed and eventually regurgitated a romantic lobster dinner we had had before leaving!

The pousada we stayed in was pretty basic! The owner fairly nonchalant if not so laid back as to be horizontal!