SF Weekend

Yesterday was a day of rest, in fact the first since I left Australia! I did a walk of a few hours to justify the Tartines Cafe double” chocolat-au-pain for breakfast. The double referred to not just the chocolate – it is the U.S of A remember! I walked to Golden Gate park – again not just an urban park but a huge area of hundred of acres near Haight-Ashbury. I stumbled across two baseball pitches at which games were in progress. One looked like baseball, the other did not! Closer inspection revealed that the vaguely familiar game was in fact Cricket! The teams were Indian! Not American Indians but subcontinental indians.

As I seem to oscillate between becoming hopelessly lost and vaguely disorientated, I shall declare that on this day, being the latter rather than the former, I also stumbled across the San Francisco World Vegetarian Expo in the park. This had a universal feel about it – stalls with samples of apparently edible roots, tubers leaves, seaweed all of which have been vigorously homogenized into the consistency of baby food. Consuming any or all of these products will absolutely “prevent” Alzheimer’s Disease, a heart attack, a stroke, diabetes, reflux – the list was encyclopedic!

If by chance the taste was not to your liking one could add a powder of some description. If that did not improve the oral experience, then give up, dry the bloody stuff in the sun and smoke it! Mind you there was a stall espousing the benefits of colonic irrigation.

A booth announced that several talks on “Herbs and Your Heart”, “Dandelion Tea and Dementia”, “Seaweed and Stroke” and finally “How to Ginger up your Life”, were scheduled over the next week in the Bay city area by one Dr Steve Moskovitz.

I picked up a flyer and the rather unassuming man behind the table, ( drinking take-away Starbucks Coffee – I guess a coffee bean and a Dandelion Flower are both vegetable in the broad sense?) taking my reading of his brochure as an expression of interest, started upon his friendly soft selling. I feigned both ignorance and interest. He introduced himself as the very same Dr Steve Moskovitz! The good doctor in person. His leaflet described his qualifications as “DSc.” I presumed this was a Science qualification. After a few minutes of chat, he asked if I was a “doctor”? He explained ” you look very intelligent” paraphrasing “you have white hair and glasses”. I denied it – the medical qualifications, not the look! “well” , he said ” man, you look professional and experienced – you could play one on television”!

Well what could one do after this interaction other than buy a $100 tin of “Dr. Steve’s Remarkable Ginger Powder”! I could feel a spring in my step as I carried the tin home, even before consuming it.

A friend of Guy for lunch on Saturday so we had a lazy long afternoon then walked to a nearby park then in the evening started to watch “Angels in America” – for me the umpteenth time, but I never tire of it !!

The vast majority of street people and beggars, have at least one dog – all them with a bit of pit bull terrier in them! The canines I mean. Guy explained, believe it or not, if you have an animal, your social security payment increases.

Speaking of animals, their rights were a major theme at the expo. Even rabbits had a booth! Save a rabbit, adopt one, sponsor a rabbit, pet a rabbit, sign up for a “companion rabbit”! Suddenly I understood the signs on the SF public transport “guide dogs and companion rabbits, travel free at all times. Please ensure your dog is on a leash and muzzled. Your rabbit’s ears must remain within the compartment at all times”.

Now it is Sunday and I am on the ferry to Angel Island in the Bay. It is at 9.30 am still blanketed in fog. I climbed to the top of the island Mt Livermore. The island was home to nuclear missile silos in the 60’s As I ascended I disturbed a deer, we both jumped in fright!

I plan to visit the Museum de Young later as there is a retrospective on Rudolph Nureyev.

As Jake is flying out at midnight to Hong Kong and I leave for Brazil in the morning, we are eating out tonight.