To America

All airports chaotic! This is not “chaos theory” this is proven! The UK papers when I was there at time of the Olympics, opined that post Olympics, Heathrow would again descend into constant congestion. It has. The trip across passed over Greenland and the pilot informed us of a unique spectacle. The sky was crystal clear, beautiful sunlight and the grey rocks, glaciers and ice fields of the coast line appeared before us in a spell binding panorama. A photo could not do it justice through the plane window.

Getting through immigration at SF airport took almost 90 minutes. I have had all 10 digits fingerprinted and a mug shot. It happens to everyone, not just me.

Waiting at SF for Jake and Guy, I watched the passing parade of people and huge off road vehicle at the pick up area. One “truck” had unique head rest covers on both seats – cow hide with fur and yellowish horns on each side of the head rest! Yes it was the head rest and not head gear of the occupants! Although from what I have seen briefly I am sure I will see such head gear. Given that Sweden have Viking hats, Dublin leprechaun hats, the America equivalent has a infinite number of possibilities.

Jake is staying with Guy in transit with his job so for the next 2 nights I am staying at the Hilton, then I move to stay with them in their apartment. Jake has a trip back to HKK then days off, so will catch the plane back! His own airborne “metro” and so cheap!

By the way he passed his First Officer exams with flying colours. Hours and hours of study with brain food – Tim Tams.

Last night I ate at an American “diner”. Spanish omelette 3 eggs (super size mw) but I asked for 2 eggs only. I felt like I was in a scene from “Happy Days”!

Not too much jet lag. Not a big time difference. So nothing definite planned but a day trip to Nappa Valley, crossing the bridge and I see from Google that the SF Opera have a current season! Possibly a Wednesday or Thursday night out!

There is always the Castro district!