It is finished. Into thy arms I commend my bike. I am certified, it’s in Latin – incomprehensible – so much for my Latin classes at school. Sitting having vino blanco and tapas. I have another full day in Santiago before flying to Barcelona for a few days. Wish I could speak more Spanish

Set out from Melide, altitude 500m give or take a few metres and finishing up at Santiago de Compostela at 260m and 55 km away. As to the ride it was very appropriate that on this the last day, I had a revelation : There were numerous ‘minor’ ascents and descents. For every 50 m ascension there was about 75m descent. BUT each 50m up was an incline of 10%,on a rocky dirt track whilst each 75m descent was at about 2% and on bitumen.

It’s not rocket science is it?

On the first hill on the outskirts of Melide, an elderly grey haired woman offered me a pamphlet entitled “why you should trust the bible”

I reasoned that she must be a retired Nun, then I contemplated : ” do Nuns ever retire, or rather
perhaps they just give up their habits”? (forgive me father for I have just told an old joke)

Secondly to proffer such literature on the Pilgrim Trail surely must be preaching to the coverted? Although in my case, it’s akin to advising me “to trust Microsoft outside an Apple store”!

In this the last 40 km there are Increasing numbers of stalls along the trail selling fruit, trinkets and T shirts.

I passed a group of youths with apparent cerebral palsy and their carers some 30km from Santiago.

Then suddenly an apparition ahead of me: Jesus ! A billowing cloak, hood, stave, bare feet and as I drew level, a beatific young man with beard and angelic smile. I considered dropping to my knees in front of him. Was he real or was the octopus at Melide last night, off?

Another explanation suddenly presented itself to me: surely it was Joseph? Not Joseph the father but Joseph my nephew!

Tapas means “point” in Spanish ? Has to be cause that is what I do when ordering.

Today I shall explore Santiago then fly to Barcelona for a few days tomorrow.

My next blog may be called
” It’s all about the bike”. – stay tuned