Day 1 the Camino

Day one!

The pic is my boxed BMX at Pamplona

Well that was the WORST day cycling in my life! I feel like I have ridden and run an ironman and got a bad case of sunburn to boot. It can only get better surely. I may as well self flagellate !….. Hang on this is a pilgrim trail , perhaps it was ordained, meant to be? I feel better already! The brochures say walk, ride bike or horse. Well a fourth option is to walk pushing your BMX bike ( definitely NOT Olmo territory ) up and down rocky indeed boulder strewn hills/ mountains . These rocks are SO slippery and mobile that one is at risk of roller coasting down a hill and frustratingly slipping and rolling backwards down the hill one is climbing.
I am changing faiths and detouring to Mecca.

PS have had a shower and feel
A little better! Peter would advise a glass of wine , Bruce four pints of local beer .
Have just been to reception, moaning about difficult ride and sunburn. She seemed delighted that I was as red as a lobster! ” you will become bronzed” !! Sigh