The Christmas Musical event.

Practice makes perfect! Sonjia Bradtke and I run through one of our numbers for the Xmas Soiree on the 23rd December. The rather amazing open mouth of the pianist at the end, is NOT an indication of pain, but rather the mouthing of the final high note of the chorus!!  Trust me!

Vivienne and Gracie the Collie are the audience. My playing can’t be THAT bad as Gracie is sleeping peacefully.

Am I getting better?

Two weeks ago our swimming group had a Christmas barbecue with some added fun making music. It is a little more than three years ago since I began to play the Recorder. I remember that upon my return from long service leave travelling to Europe, America and finally to Brazil, I decided to venture into the foreign language of Music and to learn an instrument.


I am truly fortunate to have friends who are musically gifted including our swimming coach Kathy and more recently I have become friends with Charles who has a scholarship with the Adelaide symphony orchestra as a cadet oboe player. However I don’t think that I will ever become as proficient or relaxed about playing the Alto Recorder as I am with my swimming!


But to give you some idea of the fun that I’m having below are a couple of video clips, including a rather bright Italian folk song and that perennial well recognised tune, Greensleeves.