Mathematical conundrum 

This picture is of a modern hot and cold water tap, of the type common in European hotels. It is indeed the tapware here in the Foss Hotel Reykjavik. The chrome cylinder has at either end a barrel action which may be rotated clockwise or anticlockwise. Both of these rotating ends have a black rocker which can be pressed down or up. So stay with me here as I indulge in some basic concepts of permutations: there are 4 separate manoeuvres each of which as 2 choices.  I recall this means it’s 2 to the power of 4 or……… 4 to the power of 2, which is the same result for both : 16!

What’s the point I hear you ask ? Well I am standing naked on tip toe in the shower recess fiddling the knobs working my way through these permutations whilst goose bumps the size of a Viking maiden’s breast break out on my body!  My needs are simple  and the correct answer to my mathematical equation is quite simply =2  

1. hot water 

2. Lots of it 

I did not even have the time or inclination to address the issue of what the long smaller cylinder that looks like a curling wand does whilst bathing. 
Finally sorting  out the shower (lasting but a few minutes which recreated a Swedish spa experience: sauna-ice pool plunge-sauna-ice pool plunge,) I faced another cleaning dilemma.

I have always been mildly confused, in fact irritated, by the 2 washing container options in the shower recess:

Body wash


Let’s face it, we all know they come out of the same huge vat, and the only difference is then colouring and perfume! You all agree?

Well in the Foss Hotel Reykjavik the options are 

Body/Shampoo wash – a blow for reason I smile as I lather up but wait what is the second bottle? Conditioning lotion? No it’s Hand Wash. WTF! Was I supposed to wash my hands with this specific preparation before attacking body and scalp? Was the order of application vital? Would my hands drop off or worse other parts of my body if I blindingly used hand wash on it or vice versa? Lest you think I am a grumpy old man, I am taking orders as a gift for anyone upon my return


The Golden Circle

This is one of the most popular day trips for the almost two million tourists that will visit Iceland in 2017. Thankfully today my group was boutique – 4 youngsters and one geriatric.  There were two Americans and the young woman from Australia came from Coolaman! Why the exclamation mark? Coolaman is a village less than 40 km ftom Temora! 

The triangle visits a geyser field- interesting  but New Zealand does it better – a breathtaking waterfall (pictured) named the Golden Falls and finally a national park.

The biggest waterfall in Europe

The last photo is a panorama in the National Park and is the site of the original Viking parliament- our guide assured us Iceland has the oldest parliament system. The panorama shows an immense lava field where the two continental plates meet and are migrating apart by 2cm a year! So rest assured it’s quite safe to picnic on the laval mossy fields without fear of falling into the abyss.

For those of you interested, my luggage arrived after a detour to Copenhagen! 

Today I start the Backroads Iceland Multisport tour. The weather forecast seems optimistic.